Monday, 31 January 2011

Who's time is it anyway?

Right - I have a fantastic entry ready to write about cross country yesterday, complete with full colour photos and 3D technology (ok maybe not the last bit) but due to a laptop malfunction (aka I broke my laptop) I can only do a short update - so I thought this was the perfect time to launch my 'Who's time is it anyway?' competition!

Who's time is it anyway?

Guess the time to the nearest minute that you think I will complete the London marathon in and if you're right (or closest) you could win a food hamper worth £30 (or £30 of vouchers depending on your location/preference). There's also a 'runner up' prize available and each guess costs just £2!

Rules below:

1. Click the 'What's my time grid' tab at the top of this page
2. Choose an available time that you think I will finish the race in. Multiple entries are allowed (you can also choose 'DNF' if you like)
3. Let me know which time (or times) you would like and donate a minimum of £2 per entry via my website below (Please leave your full name!) or give me the money in person. I will then allocate the time to you.
4. Sit back whilst I run the 26.2 miles. After the race I will contact the lucky winner to arrange the prize.

Hints: The London Marathon record is 2hr 5min (from 2002). Average times which inc. people in fancy dress etc are:
Men: 4 hr 20min
Women: 4hr 45 min
At my most recent cross country race I ran 5 1/2 miles in 42 min 47 sec.

Good Luck!

Proper blog update due tonight!

Keep running!

Biscuit Nikki x

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