Monday, 24 January 2011

There's no I in Team America...

Whooooo!!! Well Done everyone in Sandhurst Joggers! Another win under our belts and it really does take everyone's help and team spirit .

Once again there was an amazing turn out and I didn't hear one person grumble about having to 'give up' their Sunday morning. Probably because cross country is just so much fun - any non-runners out there wondering why we'd want to get up early on a Sunday morning and throw ourselves round wet and often (very) boggy fields will just have to come along and have a go, because you really can't explain it. (Although all the yummy cakes and sandwiches at the end go quite a long way to a good explanation)!

I love cross country because everyone is important - whilst only the top runners 'score' points for the club it's up to everyone else to try and finish ahead of other teams scorers - resulting in them scoring less (are you still with me? Well don't worry the even more basic idea is to run as well as you can, enjoy yourself and remember to cheer for everyone else).

We're also the only club where our fastest runners will turn around straight away and run *back* up the course to cheer everybody else on. Oh and we all get to go to the pub after and replace the calories that were run off and haven't  already been replaced by the aforementioned cakes.

So I am basically dedicating this entire post to Sandhurst Joggers and our well earned win at the weekend. I am proud to be throwing myself around wet and boggy fields on early Sunday mornings whilst wearing that red vest and knowing you're all running the course with me (cue the sickly naff music)

Wow so onto fundraising! Huge thank you to Malcolm and Denise, I am very touched that you have sponsored me when I haven't seen you both for so long!  Dunja it's great to hear from you now you're living in 'the big smoke' and if you feel like passing me sports drinks from your window as I go racing round London it will be very much appreciated! Thanks for your donation hun! Lastly for this blog is Lisa, thank you so much for your support! I'll see if I can convince someone to put 'Go Nikki Go Nikki Go!' on a poster for the day - sounds like a good theme tune! You're all superstars and I can't convey my thanks enough!

And last but not least - biscuit news! Today I have mostly been replacing biscuits with scones that Helen in my office brought in. Not really part of an 'athlete's diet' but neither are biscuits so I don't care.

Keep Running!

Biscuit Nikki

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