Thursday, 27 January 2011

Soggy bra - yes you read that correctly

Bit of a late update today - meant to do this last night but was rather tired from a day hopping on and off trains (for work - I don't just spend my time running away from ticket inspectors). So hopefully this will bring a bit of sunshine to your working day if you're reading this in your office (at lunchtime of course!).

Controversially I am going to start with a fundraising update! I have been bowled over by everyone's generosity this week and the people who have been donating!

Firstly there's competition for the most unique donation amount from Claire with £42.42 and then Laura whose finger got stuck on the '1' button with her £11.11. I have no idea what the prize is for this but it will probably be in biscuit form (unless it's Laura and then it'll be Justin Bieber related). Thanks to both of you - you are amazing friends who I really don't see often enough and for that I am really sorry. Claire, seems I can run as far away as I like (as long as it's around the 20 mile marker) but am still a Kent girl at heart!

A huge thanks to Vlado and Mirza, your faith in me to do well is inspiring and I promise I'll give it my best shot on the big race day! Thanks for all of your support!

So by now you're desperate to know why I've titled this blog 'soggy bra' - read on....

After circuits on Monday night I ran an 'easy' 5 miles on Tuesday (it wasn't easy, I just mean I didn't try to run very fast) and that was pretty uneventful. It just gave me time to think about a blog I plan to write about motivation (or the lack of it on some days). So that takes us up to last night - Wednesday.

Wednesday is always my club run that tends to be the 'hang on going as fast as you can' run. Due to a slight miscalculation in washing machine times I was left with an emergency running bra choice and had to just grab one that was still on my drying rack. Another lesson learned! After a rather uncomfortable start (middle and finish) I will not attempt to run the marathon with damp clothing, rain permitting of course. I also strongly advise that you don't either. Please don't try this at home - I'm a trained (sort of) professional and do these things so that you don't have to. I'm sorry I don't have a photo to accompany this update.

After last weeks navigational issues I was officially off the list for group leading but this allowed me to sit back and enjoy the 8.5 miles that ensued. Including the jog back home I had a good 9 mile run and was left feeling awake, rejuvenated and slightly damp.

So as I enjoy my cup of tea at work and my chocolate coated biscuit I'm feeling a lot dryer and more positive about the training to come. This weekend could be interesting as the Frome-ites are coming to Reading and we're all going out. Could end up being my first long training run whilst hungover and/or still drunk.

It's important to train for every eventuality....

Keep running!
Biscuit Nikki x

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