Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Rise and Fall of Biscuit Nikki

Greetings biscuit fans!

What a busy couple of days! Oh and also cold. Very very very cold. There's not enough layers in the world sometimes to stop the chill. After a few discussions with other club members I think I might need a balaclava. It could keep my face and ears warm, which seem to be my coldest bits and hide my identity when I rob biscuit and cake shops. I jest of course - I have a good hat to keep my ears warm.

So despite the Arctic conditions it's amazing I have done any training at all. Good track session Friday night where I got warm enough to remove my second outer jacket and a nice long run today. Special thumbs up to Steve for attempting to moon us all Friday night whilst halfway round the track and discovering his boxers were (luckily) tied up too tight. Good effort mate - your running whilst pulling down trousers co-ordination was exemplary.

And we move onto today. After a late night in Reading the alarm felt like a sledge hammer this morning when it went off at 8am. Yes 8am exists on a Saturday and I can tell you that it's very cold.

I have yet to discover exactly what it is that gets me up on these tired, cold and grey mornings. I suspect it's a combination of determination, dedication to the completing the marathon and the thought that you lot are following my every training move. So thanks for keeping an eye on me!

Today was an easy run - 14 miles felt like it was going to be a breeze in comparison to the recent 19 and to be honest it should have been. However at mile 10 I spectacularly stacked it, throwing my drink bottle across the floor (waste of lucozade) and rolling in copious amounts of mud. With the help of Paul, who was luckily running near me, I was able to get myself back on my feet and walk the pain off before continuing the run. Am very proud to say I managed the final 4 miles at a faster pace than the first 10 and completed the full 14 in a  respectable time given the circumstances. I have a picture of the damage somewhere to upload later.

After an hour or two of sitting down the damage is catching up with me a bit and I have two sore knees, a very bruised upper thigh and a good elbow graze (almost a full set), am feeling a little delicate but am I beaten? Hell no. I didn't seriously sprain anything and I got the chance to walk around Sainsbury's buying biscuits looking like some kind of muddy Rambo. I said it was important to train for all eventualities and falling over is one of them. No DNF (Did Not Finish) for me today!

Nikki: 1 Vs Random Lumps in the ground: 0

Please keep the sponsorships and donations coming - you're all helping me get out of bed to run in the mornings and pick myself up from the mud after the falls. Pat on the back all round - you're all doing a really good job!

Keep Running (and staying upright!)

Biscuit Nikki x

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