Saturday, 22 January 2011

Milk and more

Wow - what a busy couple of days! Quite a lot to catch up on.

So when did I last update? Tuesday...hmm. So Wednesday was the club quick run. Usually around 8-9 miles and the general idea is to try and hang on to the back of a faster group for as long as you can. Given the high mileage I have been doing (like a second hand car!) I thought I'd run this one a little slower than normal and just have a good chat with my friend Ian.

Unfortunately Ian was counting on me to guide us round the route, as I've done that particular path many times before (and should therefore have known what I was doing!) Well I have never been a great navigator and this run just established further how important it is that I don't get into orienteering running - I got us rather lost and we had to embarrassingly ask for directions! A few minutes later we were back on track but also at the back of the pack, turned out ok as we picked up a few stragglers who were also having route issues and trailing along at the back. Ian and I took group leader roles and guided everyone back to the start - albeit a little later than planned and a mile or two extra better off! - Lesson 1: Don't let me lead the way - ever.

Thursday was a glorious rest day where I spent the whole time feeling guilty for not running. Lesson 2: No rest for the wicked!

Friday always means one thing - whilst lots of girls are straightening their hair and applying lip gloss ready for a night out in town, the dedicated Sandhurst Joggers girls (and guys) are running circles around the race track. Speed session! Due to the exceptionally cold weather the track had started to frost over in places, making it really slippy. So we did 2 lots of 5 x 400m (5 times around the track) putting in over 80% effort on the straights and recovering on the bends (this was mainly due to the slippery surfaces in theses areas). It was cold but I had come prepared with many layers. Lesson 3: Never underestimate the value of two pairs of gloves (or wearing them both at the same time).

Saturday! Finally another long run - and the best long run training session I have had so far! What a difference compared to last weeks awful attempt (mind you anything would have been better than that!). I ran 19 miles with every mile being bang on my intended pace markers. Was hugely excited when we finished as I actually felt like I had a bit more 'go' in me and could have carried on if I'd had too. Was helped along by Paul and his supply of Jelly babies and had some good advice from James at the end about checking out potential paces and finish times on the lucozade website. Everyone seemed to do well (Sarah your supply of energy beans must have worked!) and we're all looking forward to an easier (shorter) run next week. Lesson 4: Don't allow yourself to be beaten or demotivated by a bad training session. You have to have the rubbish ones to appreciate the good ones!

So now I am back home and have discovered the beauty behind milkshakes as recovery drinks. Good old strawberry Nesquik powder and a load of milk. Definitely felt 'normal' a bit quicker than usual. Lesson 5: That Nesquik rabbit knows what he's talking about (other brands of milkshake powder with just as trustworthy brand icons are available from your local retailers)

On the fundraising side of things I'd like to put out a special thanks to Mel and Jonno - you guys are amazing. Thanks for your support!
Efforts are continuing and at the start of next month I'm planning some exciting stuff on the fundraising side (exciting compared to a 20 mile run).

So for now sports fans I am going to enjoy my tea and biscuit and start preparing myself for the club cross country races tomorrow. Also contemplating putting strawberry Nesquik milk in my could work.

Keep running!

Biscuit Nikki

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