Sunday, 16 January 2011

18 and one for luck...

Phew - well I can honestly say today was the hardest training run I have had since I started before Christmas. Every now and then you get a run where for whatever reason it doesn't quite pull together and you're constantly playing catch-up from the start.

I optimistically pitched myself in with the super trooper fast guys today in the hope that it would make me work harder. Hmm wish granted I suspect. I was lagging behind (rather substantially towards the end) whilst the rest of the group ploughed on with admirable pace and endurance. I am eternally grateful to Alan K for dropping back to keep me going (and stop me sneaking off home when we ran virtually past our house).

The plan was to run 18 miles - which was a challenge in itself. However due to a *slight* miscalculation and Alan's 'cross country' route we went a little bit off course, arriving back at the start having run a solid 19 miles. Whoops!

Well on the bright side I am now just 1 mile off my maximum training distance (20 miles) before the big event and it's the first time I've finished a training run with Sarah H kindly commenting that I looked about to collapse (or something to that extent - I can't really remember because I was too busy trying to remain upright).

Needless to say I rewarded myself with a huge cake - which was practically the same as half a pack of biscuits, and my faith in running was restored. Someone should conduct a study into the close relationship between running and biscuits (this may only apply to me).

So just when I was feeling a little deflated about my poor performance I come home to the best fundraising news - my total raised so far has reached £150.81p. I might have to create a prize for the most unique donation amount, currently going to Phil M. who gave £20 and ended his donation with '78p'! You're all fantastic and a personal note to Aiji - both your huge generosity and inspiring words have renewed my determination to smash this distance. Bring on next weeks long run!

Keep running!

Biscuit Nikki x

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