Tuesday, 1 February 2011

She shoots! She scores! (and lots of dontation thanks!)

Whoo! What a Sunday!

I was very careful to stick with exciting still water Saturday night, which is very hard when you go out in Reading (try going out in Reading and you'll see what I mean). When I woke up Sunday morning with a cracking headache I had to question who's hangover I had got - it wasn't helped by the achy knee and hip from my topsy tumble during Saturday's training. I wasn't sure whether going to cross country was a good idea or not.

How could I ever have doubted it? I run for the best club in the UK (perhaps the world) - of course it was going to be ok! Not only ok - but fan-bloomin-tastic! A couple of paracetamol sorted the headache (and the sore hip) and I lined up with the best to begin our Sunday ritual dash.

Best cross country I've had - coming 58th overall (normal place 98th), 7th lady to finish and best of all scoring for the team! We had a very convincing win and that means, with one race left in the bag, we've already won the league! I love you guys, you're all amazing!

Fundraising! Well you should all have seen the 'Who's time is it anyway' competition (if you haven't please read my previous blog!) It's going very well and times are starting to fill up - so don't miss out and get your predictions in before someone else takes your time!

Soph and Grant - my 'Hurl Scout' friends! Thank you so much for your donation! I will do my best to run the course as though I was skating it. I will deffo take you up on the lucozade offer - my old beer fridge is currently filled with orange isotonic lucozade - go go power up!

Steve I don't think the bus will be that much quicker on the day given the crowds, road closures and London's transport system being pretty awful on a good day. I think I'll just run it! Thanks for your support!

Paul and Sarah I would absolutely LOVE to see you guys at the finish area - will keep me going knowing that there will be friendly faces at the end (no sweaty hugs Sarah I promise!). Thank you for your donation and good luck with the predictions!

All my neighbours - Gwen, Del, Malcolm and Sally. Thanks for putting up with me running up and down the road all day. They'll have to repair the pot holes soon anyway so I promise I'm not wearing the tarmac out too much!

Helen C, thank you for being one of the first people to guess a time on my grid - it really got the ball rolling. Best of luck and please share the hamper with the office if you win!

Andy P, thank you for sponsoring me and for listening (or looking like you are) to me talking about running 24/7 whenever we have to drive to a job!

Ian M and Ian T thank you both for your support! Best of luck in the competition.

So as a huge thank you to everyone that has taken part in the competition so far, sponsored me, ran with me this weekend or just offered some kind words of advice or support - this special smiley biscuit is for you!

Courtesy of Lou G's picnic plate

Keep running!

Biscuit Nikki x

Want to help out and sponsor me? It's easy! Just go to: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NicolaStanley

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