Saturday, 5 February 2011

Why it's ok to feel lazy sometimes.

Ok - super fast training update.

I know I haven't updated much this week but I can promise I've been pounding the pavements with a passion - or at least trying to. I've also been really really busy!

On Monday i had my first sports massage with Carl B (after circuits). Not easy to describe the pain that comes with it or the relaxing relief after. I *highly* recommend one if you're doing a lot of exercise or have any sore muscles or achy parts. All previous aches and pains have evaporated and I am running stronger than I was before. Carl is a genius - for more info about the treatments he offers or his personal training programmes go to his website:

After a nice rest on Tuesday (never run the day after a sports massage!) I put in a really good run on Wednesday. I'm not going to lie - everyone feels demotivated (and on this day -lazy) at times. I don't believe it's possible to *want* to run every day, we're not super human and if you're thinking 'oh these people always want to get out there and I never feel motivated enough' I can tell you we don't (or at least I don't)!

On Wednesday I really didn't want to leave the warm of the house after work and was feeling decidedly sorry for myself. However I knew I'd regret missing the training and after blackmailing myself over facebook I went out. One of the best runs of the week! I often find it happens like that - the days I don't want to run are the days I put in my best performance. So if you're wondering whether to do your trainers up or not, I'm telling you you will feel amazing after doing it.

It's ok to feel lazy sometimes, I'm pretty sure everyone does, but it's how you deal with it that counts. Take a day off if you need to but ask yourself whether you have a good enough excuse and who you're letting down in the end (only yourself if you're wondering - oh and maybe me). We're in for a marathon on this journey - not a sprint!

Thursday brought beautiful weather and a good lunch time run followed by a track session on Friday.

Finally today! Saturday. I've just come back from a cracking 20 MILE! run. Whoop whoop. Feeling very pleased with myself and I think the training is going well.

So to summarise:
1. Fundraising is over half way!!!! Huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Please keep the sponsorships coming
2. Training is going well - 20 miles reached which is almost my maximum training distance. Just to start the 'fine tuning' now.
3. Only 70 days left!

On that note I am going to replace the 2000! calories I burnt off on the 20 miler today with a healthy serving of biscuits.

Keep running (even when you don't feel like it!)

Biscuit Nikki x

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