Monday, 7 February 2011

Rest, Recovery and Road traffic incidents

Not the normal subjects to group together as a title but the last two days have given me a (hopefully) once in a lifetime chance to do so.

After the 20 mile-o-rama run on Saturday I woke up Sunday morning with a definite lack of spring to my step, or more specifically to my knees. After a lost battle with the stairs I made the difficult decision to take an impromptu rest day and opt out of Sandhurst Joggers last cross country event. I'm extremely sorry about that because as the last race of the season I was hoping to put in a good performance. However the team still did exceptionally well and we won the season for the second year running! Well Done guys - pat on the backs all round and party ring biscuits to all of you.

So I spent Sunday shuffling around Sainsburys doing my weekly shop and being overtaken by OAPs with knee/hip replacement combos moving quicker than me (was tempted to enquire about where they got their kit from but managed to refrain!).

Waking up this morning I still felt slightly stiff but a bit more optimistic about getting a slow and easy run in this evening. Wokingham Half Marathon is coming up this weekend and I don't want to do anything silly to jeopardise the race. Depending on how this afternoon goes I may take another cheeky evening off.

So contemplating my latest running dilemma I started my journey to work. This was hindered slightly (considerably) by a man trying to take out my car on the roundabout between the A331 and the M3. Luckily the damage to my car was minor scratching but his brakes must have been broken as he failed to stop. If this ever happens to you I cannot stress the importance of getting the car registration plate. I was fortunate enough to have a pad and paper easily accessible and it's certainly something I will make sure is easy access in the future as it has made the claim a lot easier.

On a lighter note fundraising is on target and I am extremely grateful and humbled by everyone's support and generosity.

Steve D you found the page in the end! Thanks for your donation. Lisa H your running has always been inspirational for me (I remember the first park run you did when I couldn't even see you in the distance and you'd probably gone to get cake by the time I crossed the finish line!) thanks for your support and good training (and resting) advice. Christina good luck with your predicted finish times! Hopefully you'll get a free minute to watch the race on TV in April once you're a busy mum!

Lastly M&D+A - which is mum, dad and Alice for anyone wondering. I know that was your donation for the 'who's time is it anyway' competition and I love you all very much. Special biscuits for the three of you (although Alice can probably cook better ones) and thanks for listening to me moan about training on the phone all the time. See you very soon hopefully.

So stay safe, remember there are psycho drivers out there who can't see fully lit cars - let alone runners. So please were reflective gear at night and preferable leave the ipods at home.

Keep running (safely!)

Biscuit Nikki x

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