Saturday, 19 March 2011

We'll be swimming, when we're winning....

"I get knocked down...but I get up again...."

It's been a week since the wonderful Grizzly weekend. We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast (little chocolates on the bed every day anyone?), I remembered my love of scrambled egg on toast and I discovered the joy of spectating and motivating your team members around the route.

I may have to get a t-shirt printed, as it looks like I will be joining the official support team for a little longer than first anticipated. However what a perfect way to stay motivated and still feel part of the team?

It is three weeks since I first injured my foot, my GP has now referred me to a sports injury/foot specialist and I'm just waiting for BUPA to collect enough pieces of paper about me to let me pass go and collect 200 points - er I mean make the appointment. The injury is still causing me problems whenever I have to walk/stand for more than 30 min so even jogging is well out of the question. There is 4 weeks to go to the London Marathon.

With all this is mind I have made the difficult decision to defer my entry to 2012.

But wait! Keep Calm! It's a cracking idea and this is why...

When I first tried to pass my driving test (quite a few years ago) I wasn't ready. I really wanted to be but the reality was that I couldn't drive. This was proved rather spectacularly when I nearly rammed into the back of a lorry and the examiner had to slam his feet onto the dual controls. I came away knowing I had just wasted the money I should have spent on more lessons, I felt awful and I was really disappointed with myself (plus the examiner probably needed a strong drink after). Game over.
Only it wasn't. Several emergency chocolate biscuits later, a good cup of tea and a bit of a pep talk sorted me out. I booked more lessons and did a lot more practising. When I finally passed my driving test I knew I was safe to be on the road, negotiate the old reverse park and start handing over most of my bank account to the petrol companies.

Lesson? Don't rush things and as Guinness says "good things come to those who wait" (other drink slogans are widely available). Nothing worth having is ever easy to get. I have put in so much time, invested too many good pairs of trainers and sacrificed too many Saturday morning lie-ins to blow it all on a disappointing marathon race.

Even scarier is the thought that I could risk running the race to 'just get round' and end up with a more serious and long term injury - all for the sake of one race.

Let's be honest - I don't want to 'just get round' I want to smash the hell out of it and end up feeling proud and knowing I have achieved my best possible time.

That's why I am going back to the basics. I've jumped into the swimming pool and started building my fitness back up. I have put together a fitness plan to keep everything ticking over until I am able to start a 'return to running' type schedule. This whole process is potentially going to take several months - but it will be worth it.
This time off running will give me a chance to build and improve my core strength and concentrate on my running technique. I'm eyeing up some races in the autumn of this year to help aim for.

So fundraising wise? Well I have been in touch with Brain Tumour UK and have sorted out the following:
The fundraising page will remain open until the Virgin London Marathon next year and I will continue to try to raise as much as possible. Look at it this way - you're not just sponsoring me to complete the marathon - you're sponsoring my whole recovery and every race until then. I hope you wont be disappointed in me and will stand by as I aim for 2012 with better targets in mind. I'll roll over all 'Guess my time' predictions to the 2012 race and if you've already made one you'd like to change I am happy to accept alterations (as long as the new time you want is still free). I hope you're all happy for your donations to remain in the fundraising total now that I will not be running this year.

So ladies and gentlemen - please give a warm welcome to the lean mean recovery machine.

2012 sounds like a nice year for some running...

Keep positive

Biscuit Nikki x

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  1. Wise decision, London 2012 is definitely gonna be your year. Keep your chin up & keep on blogging!


  2. Thank you! Yep I suspect I'd have spent over half of it limping if I'd tried to run. Will attempt to blog most of the recovery training :D x

  3. I faced a similar conundrum with my marathon in May. I made the same decision. One race is not worth risking a more serious injury!
    Good luck with your rehab, you're being very smart about it so you'll be back and running in no time :)