Friday, 25 March 2011

The rules and regulations to in-car dancing

It's probably well known - or certainly well known by all those fitness freaks - that exercise produces happy endorphins. Yes, you heard it everywhere else first, exercise makes you happy and this is why it quickly becomes addictive if you try to stick with it for a few weeks.

So what happens when the supply of endorphins stops and you have to go cold-turkey? Well if you're me you get ever so slightly crabby...

Picture taken from here:
Hehe - I'll never know why you can't get 'crab calendars' - look at his little face!

Anyway back to the point; if you're like me and a generally happy person anyway then you just need to find little ways to try and top the old endorphins up. Swimming and classes like pilates help, but every now and then you might need a little lift. Here's some of the random things that make me smile and hopefully others too (although admittedly some people probably just get scared).

  • Whenever I drive under a bridge on a motorway with a jogger running along the top of it I like to wave. Similarly if I am running over a motor way bridge I like to wave at the cars. I am hoping that if I do this enough eventually one of the cars I wave at will be a jogger, who will do the same thing when they are next out jogging and I am driving under a bridge and the circle will be complete. It's a long shot but my long term business plan is to have everyone waving at each other and hopefully no accidents. Confused? Never mind. But just to warn you next time you run over or drive under a bridge this will pop up in your mind - feel free to smile and even wave a bit.

  • My friend used to receive a mobile answer phone message every week from a lady who had the wrong number and thought he was her weight watchers class leader. Every week she had a new reason as to why she couldn't attend that night. Some of them were classics and still make me laugh now "Sorry I wont be able to get weighed tonight as I've suddenly remembered my dentist appointment". Doesn't work when you call at 6:30pm and most dentists are shut by then.

  •  I am a closet raver and a huge pendulum fan. The term 'dance like nobody's watching' it practically my motto, as proven at a recent pendulum gig, where I was throwing dance moves that were even topping the pill heads. Life is too short for embarrassed shuffling movements, so rave like your life depends on it and take comments like 'you looked a bit like you were having a fit' as compliments.

  • And lastly, my current favourite game: In-car dancing! This works stunningly if like me you spend a good portion of everyday stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. We all sing along to music in the car and every now and then you will catch someone else doing it too. I like to sing at people in other cars when stuck in traffic - not so that they can hear me (windows shut - I'm not that cruel). There are several things which enhance this experience:
+ More than one person in the car - singing together is fun, singing together at other people is priceless
+ Add in some dancing! Again a whole car of dancing people cheers even the grumpiest driver up.

You generally get three different reactions when doing this:
1. The person smiles and laughs
2. They stare straight ahead in the car and try very hard not too look - even if other cars are now looking
3. They dance and sing back at you - it's a rare but beautiful moment when this happens!

Don't have the music blaring or windows down - kind of ruins the effect if they know you're dancing to Cliff Richard
If they decide to stare forwards then move onto another car - no point in making someone scared/awkward.
Be careful with overhead arm movements when dancing. The roof is lower than normal.

Ok you're all set! Off you go and start enjoying the world of in-car dancing and hopefully soon we'll have entire car loads of people having their own mini raves in their cars whilst stuck on the M25.

Keep smiling, running, laughing and dancing!

Biscuit Nikki x


  1. Hahaha, excellent post! Great ideas - though I don't know if I'd dare try out the in-car dancing.
    Loved the bit about the weight watchers lady too...

  2. Fab post. Made me smile! And as I can't run at least for a few days, I'll try in-car dancing on the way to work tomorrow :)