Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Socks mean comfort!

On my way to work on Monday I was stuck behind a big dirty white van. I was feeling the usual Monday blues after a wonderful weekend of cheering all my good friends in Sandhurst Joggers along the canal run and then I noticed someone had written the following statement using their finger in the dirt on the van:

Socks Mean Comfort!

I have no idea what made someone write that (it's hardly your usual van-dirt message) but it made me smile a bit and then laugh at the complete bizarreness of it all. This got me thinking about the things that make me smile and then the reasons why I like running. Bemused friends and family have often asked me why I run and this period of rest seems a good time to reflect on that and finally attempt to answer the question.

I haven't always been good at or enjoyed running. So if you're out there thinking "oh it's ok for you, you're quite good and you love it" then let me assure you it took a while to get to this stage. I started running initially because my car broke down (a story for a different day) and after a month or two of walk-running I began to make progress and become a jogger. This was probably around the time that I got hooked. So, why do I like running?

1. Running makes me feel good about myself
I feel healthy and fit when I am running. It is well known that exercise releases happy endorphins and it's probably why all the runners I ever meet are always very happy and good natured people.

2. I like the feeling of achievement
Nothing quite beats the feeling of crossing a finishing line and knowing you have just achieved something great, whether it's a 5k parkrun or a marathon. Hell, it's why we all drag ourselves out of bed on cold frosty Sunday mornings for cross country!

3. Friendships
Many of the people I consider to be very very good friends I met through running and the running club. Whilst achievement is good, being able to share it with people and in turn share their achievements is fantastic. It promotes an environment of motivation, support and encouragement. It's often the only thing that makes me leave the house when it's raining and in this time of 'no-running' I appreciate the support, advice and encouragement even more (thanks guys - I can feel you all pulling me back onto my running feet again)

There are so many other factors as well - seeing how amazing your body can be to adapting and improving as your speed gets quicker and distances get further, not worrying about how many cakes you eat (within limits) and having a perfect outlet for stress release when you're feeling really wound up.

Everyone has their own reasons for running and hopefully this explains mine a bit!

Foot update!
I am still seeing Carl for sports massages and it seems to be working! Still in early days but I am seeing definite improvements. Maybe not quick enough for my impatient mind but it's taken some of the unnecessary worry away.

This weekend is the Grizzly 20 mile race. Unfortunately I wont be taking part but will instead be joining the Sandhurst Joggers Support Crew and giving my lungs a bit of exercise as I cheer from the sidelines. Best of luck to everyone taking part and keep an eye out for me on the course.

Feel free to suggest any good chants and cheers you would like to hear to give you a bit of a boost! Suggestions so far include:

* The faster you run, the faster you're done
* Run like you stole something!
* Race them don't pace them
* You're running like a girl! - Good for you!

Keep resting everyone!

Biscuit Nikki x

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  1. Excellent post. I see myself in a lot of what you wrote. Plus that running long is such a wonderful adventure in itself - you get to see so many places!
    Great news about the foot! :)