Thursday, 12 April 2012


Oh hello there biscuit fans, I didn't hear you come in as I was busy being paranoid.

Welcome to Taper Town!

The last three weeks (roughly) of any marathoner's training plan is known as 'tapering'. It involves reducing mileage and allowing the body to successfully recover in time for the BIG day.  It's just as important as the preceding weeks of high mileage.

You'd think we'd be happy about it, after weeks of slamming our bodies into the pavement and rearranging weekend plans to fit around a 3 hour training run a bit of respite would be welcomed with open arms.

Well in the first week of taper it probably is. I enjoyed the extra hours at home and saying stupid things like "it's ok I'm *only* going out for 12 miles" - when did 12 miles become an *only*? Now however we are approaching the end of the second week of tapering and my thought pattern tends to go like this:

- Oh my god what if I don't wake up in time on the morning and miss the coach?
- My knee feels a bit odd
- I'm getting fat and loosing fitness - should probably do a longer run this evening
- Actually my knee does feel odd so maybe I will rest
- Oh god I just sneezed - I have lurgy!
- Wait wait the knee is fine. Although my calf is feeling a bit tight
- Check the weather - Check the weather
- Where am I? Oh yes I should probably do some work.

And so on and so on. All the little worries become life pressing issues. Every time someone in my office mentions feeling a bit ill I start avoiding them and I have to go to the toilet a million times because I am drinking enough water in an attempt to be fully hydrated to sustain the hosepipe ban for several more months.

On top of all of that I have restless legs and too much energy - which in turn is becoming nervous energy and adding to the overall paranoia that my leg is falling off or I am going down with the plague.

Oh and don't forget the weather. I'm not entirely sure that 10 day weather forecasts are that accurate anyway...wait 10 days! Is that it? Oh my god I need to do more training.

So if you happen to encounter a marathon runner who is taking part in Brighton (this weekend) or London (next weekend) please try to be understanding. They are going slightly insane and are probably unstable but it's only temporary (in most cases) and should cease after the race. If you want to be helpful say things like "you're looking very fit", "I hear the weather (on race day) is going to be perfect for PB's" and "No no it's ok your leg is still attached".

Thank you for your understanding.

Biscuit Nikki x

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  1. Haha...that sounds familiar...
    Good luck, I hear the weather is going to be perfect for PB's!