Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sticks and stones may break my bones

Actually sticks and stones will break my bones if combined with running too much. It's official, hottest news around (aside from something in the side columns about a "Royal Wedding") I have a confirmed stress fracture on the 2nd metatarsal!

So that pretty much explains all that pain then! And you all thought I was just slacking off (only kidding!).

So what does this mean? Erm, nothing really. It was identified via X-ray, which means it has already started to heal, as this is the only way it will show up. It's actually quite a fair way into the healing process and from my point of view I can't really feel much discomfort or pain there any more.

The doctor is a tad over cautious and has made another check up appointment with me in 2 months time. I was tempted not to mention this so I don't get yelled at when I am out, but he has requested no running until then. 8 weeks! Another 8 weeks and we're already 9 weeks in! Clearly he's slightly insane (well it can't possibly be me).

I'm still in many minds about this. Healing time for a met fracture is supposed to be 6-8 weeks (a lot longer if it's a tibia). As I'm now on week 9 with no pain and only slight discomfort at times, I personally feel 8 weeks is way too long. Everything I have seen suggests that you can start run/walking once you're able to briskly walk for 1 hour without pain. I am up to 2 hours. I am going to gauge it all on feel, but as it's still a bit achy every now and then I don't intend to do anything just yet. Of course I am biased because quite clearly I have a running addiction.

Going to finish with a bit of a quote for the day, the parents of younger children might recognise it from 'The Bee Movie'

" According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.
It's wings are too small to get it's fat little body off the ground.
The bee of course, flies anyway
because bees don't care what humans think is impossible"

From a 'Daily Mail' article about bees. Oh and it's a picture of a bee.
This makes me think about other anomalies. Scientists say that the best body type for sprinters is a muscular build standing somewhere between 5'11 to 6'3. They say Usain Bolt doesn't have the right build to be a fast 100m runner. Not entirely sure if they've said that to his face of course, it wouldn't give them much of a head start to run away (for you fact lovers: at top speed (inc reaction time) Bolt runs the equivalent of 23mph).

So who wants to help me prove that biscuits are in fact the perfect running fuel...

Keep watching Royal Weddings (and more interestingly hard core Royalist fans that turn up 2 days before the event to start camping on the pavement)

Biscuit Nikki x

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  1. I can help you with your biscuits research! Good to hear that your foot is better. I hope that the doctor is wrong and that it takes much less time for your foot to heal completely!

  2. Hope your foot improves soon.... Aother 8 weeks without running does seem a little extreme, I hope the doctor has that wrong !

    And I thought that biscuits were the perfect fuel, who has ever done a study to prove that they are not ?