Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Caption Competition

Well it's a caption competition in the sense that the prize is a bit rubbish!

Firstly let me say a HUGE congratulations to all the runners that completed the Brighton and Paris marathons in the blistering heat on Sunday. Well Done guys you all did brilliantly! I hope you're all getting some well earned rest at the moment and have managed to tackle the stairs at least once (to get up to bed obviously).

To all of you running marathons this weekend: Best of luck, I hope your tapering periods are going well and aren't too frustrating and just remember how jealous I am of you all!

As we all know I will now be propping up the support side of the London Marathon this weekend and taking up my responsibilities as Sandhurst Joggers Support Team. And in light of that I need your help!

I have a huge piece of cardboard at work, that's destiny is to become a London Marathon cheering sign - but what to put on it? Let me know your suggestions on here or via facebook and the best one will get to be on the board. I'll keep it a secret until Sunday to give you all something to look out for on the course!

Oh and here's a bit of inspiration for you all - let's try to get something original and funnier than this lot!


  1. Hehe, I think they're cute! I like the "I hate crowds" one...
    I can't come up with an original one. I do like "We're the fast girls your mum warned you about" though ;)

  2. :-) Anything to try and keep everyone's spirits up! The 'fast girls' line is good but would probably confuse all the guys in my running club...(I'll consider it!)